Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Many have been wondering what is happening with the Recall. I can assure you we are still alive and well. The NJ Supreme Court heard Menendez's appeal against the Recall on May 25th. September 25th marked the beginning of the 5th month since the court heard the case. Historically, they have gone as long as 6 months before rendering a decision. Should this decision be stalled beyond the 6 months, I'm sure the good citizens of NJ will start making our voices heard.
In the meantime, every interested party should to go to our new website: and signup under the "Contact Us" tab and click on the "add me to your email list" option. As soon as the court renders its decision, you will be immediately notified and as soon as the petition drive is allowed to begin, you will also be notified and the petitions will be posted on the website along with instructions.
I want to encourage everyone to stay the course. There is too much at stake to give up and become frustrated. I am convinced that we can take our country back - one misguided senator at a time!

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