Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Score One for the Good Guys

Court Gives Recall Green Light

March 16, 2010

SANDYSTON, NJ—The Recall NJ movement to unseat tax-and-spend liberal Senator Robert Menendez officially hit the highway today.

A three-judge panel in Trenton ordered the New Jersey Secretary of State her marching orders to accept and file the petition for recall. Judges Edwin Stern, Robert Graves of Morristown, and Jack Sabatino of Trenton, ruled 3-0 to allow the 1993 amendment to the New Jersey Constitution stand as written.

“This is a great day in America,” said Recall NJ Chairman RoseAnn Salanitri. “Today is the day that We the People are taking back our country.”

With the ruling, the petition certification can begin but the campaign process has been stayed in order to give Menendez’s attorneys a chance to appeal. will need 1.3 millions signatures to force the recall of the Jersey City Senator. The petitions will be available on the website:, as soon as permitted. Salanitri was confident that the organization could reach its goal, for the climate of disappointment with Washington's escalating debt and bankrupt policies that have left one in five Americans jobless.

“Millions of us in New Jersey are distraught with the runaway bureaucracy and taxes in New Jersey. A hundred million of us, nationally, are outraged at the runaway Senate and House of Representatives in Washington. We want to hold Senator Robert Menendez accountable for his role in the theft of American liberty, and in spending our nation into joblessness and ruin. We want him to answer for his many tax-and-spend votes right now - not in a few years. Today we are sending a strong message to Washington that they are accountable to us after all.” she said.

“Make no mistake about it, this is not a movement by one woman or by one group, it is a movement that began with the American people and it is fueled by their desire to save this nation from bankruptcy and from socialism. I, along with other Americans, owe the success of this day to our Founding Fathers who had the foresight to design a government that is accountable to its citizens. We are the Fifth Branch of government – the branch that is known as We the People, and we intend to hold the legislative, judicial, executive branches and the press accountable for their negligence and abuses.”

“The people of New Jersey deserve a chance to vote this man out of Washington. He has broken his oath of office. We, the people, are coming to take our country back, and recalling Senator Menendez is our first step in doing so.”


Committee Spokeswoman:
RoseAnn Salanitri

Legal Spokesman:
Richard Luzzi

Media Chairman:
J. Bridge
908 403 2496

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


On Tuesday, March 2nd, we finally had our day in court. Our lawyers did an excellent job and received Kudos from the court. Contrary to some of the negative press we have been receiving, the hearing went very well and we are anticipating a decision in our favor. So all who are on board, it's time to rev up your engines and get ready to race to the finish line