Sunday, December 27, 2009

Procedural Questions and Answers

Many have been asking Constitutional questions. We will be preparing a separate post explaining our position shortly.

Below are some answers to some of the common practical questions we have been receiving.

Regarding the Petitions - we filed the Notice of Intention to Recall along with the proposed petitions with the Secretary of State at the end of September. They had three business days (to October 4th) to respond by either approving the petitions or telling us what we needed to do in order to make the petitions acceptable. If we circulate the petitions without their approval, it is entirely possible that the signed petitions can be rejected for some minute detail that they may require. Therefore, we are asking that people contact the Secretary of State to "encourage" the office to approve the petitions...and to comply with the NJ Constitution.
In the meantime, we are taking legal steps (in the form of pursuing a court order) to move this forward legally.

Regarding Candidates, and election procedure - on the Notice we had the option of requesting a special election. At that time, we elected not to, since the 320 time limitation for collecting signatures brought us to two weeks prior to the next general election in November. Since we have been stalled, we will now have to request a special election for the recall of Menendez. The only question on the ballot would be whether or not to recall Menendez. Should the majority vote "yes" in favor of a recall, then Menendez is immediately notified that he has been discharged from office and the office is declared vacant. In the event that happens,another election is scheduled for the purpose of electing our next senator.

The Recall Committee is not responsible for putting up another candidate for senate. They may decide to do that sometime in the future, but at this point it is not on their agenda. There has been talk by other organizations to start vetting potential candidates. Of course, finding good men and women has always been a problem. I believe I speak for many of my fellow patriots when I say we have had enough of these career politicians. So, to answer your questions regarding our nomination of a candidate - no, nominating another candidate for the office is not procedurally part of the Recall Committee's responsibility. Collecting and submitting the required number of signatures on approved petitions in the 320 time frame remains our only responsbility.


  1. Dear Citizen,
    I applaud your tactics. I wonder if such a manuver would be possible here in Nevada with the King Of Slime, Dirty Harry Reid? I will have to check into this.

  2. I would be glad to call the Secretary of States office to encourage them to move on this. I suspect that the first few people I'd get on the phone would know nothing about this, so it would likely be helpful to have a copy of the actual submission you made. Is it possible for you to post a pdf copy of the Notice of Intention to Recall and the proposed petitions you submitted? If you have information about the name (or title) of the person at the Secretary of State's office it would be best to call, that would of course be helpful as well. Thanks.

  3. Actually I believe almost everyone in the Secretary of State's office is aware of the Recall. On a personal basis, I spoke to Ms. Gene Barry (sp?).
    The Notice of Intention is part of the petition that has not been approved or denied. As soon as we have approval, which we are seeking through legal means, we will be posting the petition and at that time we will be asking everyone and anyone to download and circulate the petition for signatures.

  4. What is exactly the holdup? The format for the Notice of Intention is clearly spelled out in NJSA 19:27A-6, as is the appropriate response. You should not need "legal means" to get a decision on this. Will the new Christie administration be more willing to comply with the law? Let's hope so.

  5. Since we have not received a response, we had to seek legal means in order to move forward - unfortunately. Today I just recieved notice that LA's Secretary of State approved a notice to recall one of their senators. Good for LA - not so good for NJ. Let's hope Christie's gang will honor our laws.